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​Jumping Jax Saturday 9.45am -10.45am 4 - 7yrs
Leapfrogs Saturday  10.45am - 11.45pm   5 - 7yrs Beginner/Intermediate

Kartwheel  Kids  Saturday 11.45am - 12.45pm   7 -10yrs (Up to intermediate standard)

Flipper FX  Tuesday  7.00pm - 8.10pm   10+ yrs

​​Acro Aces  Tuesday  6.00pm - 7.00pm  7 - 11yrs

(Invitation only)

Dev Squad Friday 6.00pm - 8.00pm
These are feeder squads for competitive squads; gymnasts should only accept a place in these squads if they are willing and able to commit to squad training as required. Entry into these Squads are on a continual selection process, main intake is in April. The squads are designed for the younger gymnast who shows potential to become a competitive squad gymnast.
Minimum entry requirements
Backward roll to straddle
Held handstand
Straddle 1/2 lever
Round off
Very good flexibility in splits and bridge
Very good body tension and strength
Body and spacial awareness
Excellent attitude
Very good attendance


Senior Squad
Training Monday & Friday  5.45pm - 8.45pm
Senior Squad gymnasts train between 2 and 3 times a week to obtain a high level of fitness, strength and ability.  We belong to the London Region and once a year compete in the Prelims with the possibility of representing the Region on a National Level.  Levels start at Novice, progressing to National Development Plan and above.  Routines include balances, tempos and tumbling moves and must be performed to music.  Higher levels produce up to three separate routines.
The aim for our gymnasts is to move through the classes and into the Squads to compete at a Regional level.  This however depends on the ability and commitment of individual gymnasts and coach recommendation.  When invited to join the Squads, an assessment will take place to decide which squad or group is most suitable.  On entering Senior Squad a development plan will be created by the coach highlighting areas for improvement, moves to be worked on and strengthening to be completed by the gymnasts during sessions and at home.  Once a year an assessment will be given to all squad members to confirm or decide placements.
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