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Acro-gymnastics is a floor based discipline, without apparatus​, carried out in pairs, womens trios or mens fours. the team use their partners as apparatus and as a base from which to perform some amazing acrobatic moves. The sport requires strength, agility, flexibility and no small amount of bravery, whether you're the person at the bottom of a tower supporting three others, or the one somersaulting from the top of that tower!

Acro Gymnastics has many advantages over the more familiar forms of gymnastics.  It can offer success to all sizes of gymnast at all ages and is less demanding at lower levels than 4 and 6 piece events.  One particularly enjoyable aspect is preparing floor routines for pairs and groups consisting of balances and elements at the appropriate levels. ​


If you would like to enrol your child please go to our Classes Page for further information.


10 sessions per Term
Half Term (no classes) marked in red
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Spring Term Fees    (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar)

Fees are due between 15th-20th, unrelated to what date we return to gymnastics, so they could be before we start back or after we return back to the gym.

You will always get an email notification on the day they are due, whether you pay in full or instalments.

(LoveAdmin will show as 0 owing until the invoice has been generated for each term, you can not pay before).


If payment for Term fees are not received before the 2nd Session of the Term (ie before the 2nd week back, **see deadline date), this will now result in a £5.00 late payment charge and will be added to the amount owing, however your child’s place will remain secure for a further 7 days.    Failure to pay after that will result in this place being allocated to someone on our waiting list.

Members who have pre authorised payments to be taken, this will not affect you, however, if you receive an overdue reminder, your card details/Paypal etc could be out of date and will need to be updated, if after 14 days of instalment date payment is still not received, this charge will also apply.

If there are any mitigating circumstances for non-payment, please advise us in complete confidence.  Fees are non refundable.

​Reminder emails are sent out every 7 days after original invoice email.

If you pay by instalments they will be on the following months and will be taken automatically:

Spring Term Fees      Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar  

Summer Term Fees   Apr, May, Jun, Jul 

Autumn Term Fees    Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Frequently Asked Questions:

LoveAdmin: If you choose to pay your Term Fees by instalments, Example (Autumn): the first one will be due on 28th Aug, and the second one 28th Sep, the third 28th Oct, fourth 28th Nov.  Please bear this in mind when setting up, the sooner you give us the payment details from invoice, the greater the spread of the four instalments.

For example if you do not provide us with payment details until mid Aug, both payments will come out very close together.

Login Problems LoveAdmin member login does not always work when accessed on a phone.  Please access via a PC/laptop/tablet we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you are paying by Paypal, make sure your card details are up to date in Paypal.

An app will soon be available to help you make payments and access your childs information via phones.

New Starters After their trial session has been completed, new starters are required to pay in full for their first term along with their BGA (see below).


To comply with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we will no longer be able to pass on these personal details to British Gymnastics. We are therefore asking all members renew your British Gymnastics membership directly through the British Gymnastics website. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

Log into your LoveAdmin account and pay us your combined Club and British Gymnastics membership fee (if you have pre authorised payments, this will be taken automatically).

Step 2.

YOU will need to go to the British Gymnastics website to complete the new membership or renewal process.   This process creates your vital insurance cover. 

If you have any problems/questions with Step 2, you can contact British Gymnastics customer service team for help (not us) : by Phone: 0345 129 7129 by Email:

The registration system on the British Gymnastics website is quick and easy to use by mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop.    You won’t need to pay anything extra. 
British Gymnastics will activate your membership and insurance cover immediately as well as sending your membership confirmation and benefits information by both post and email. 

*** Existing Gymnasts have until 31st October to complete membership, so don't worry if you haven't received you renewal invite email yet, they are being sent in waves to help manage demand.
British Gymnastics will notify us when you have completed your registration.

Pre School Gymnasts: BG £11  London Gymnastics £3.50   Club membership £4.50

Club Gymnasts: BG £ 17  London Gymnastics £3.50  Club Membership £8.50

Squad/Competitive Gymnasts: BG £41  London Gymnastics £3.50  Club Membership £8.50

Girls Club Leotards Order yours today via your paysubs account, just log on, we have sample sizes up the club if you're are unsure of what size to order.

Club T Shirts & Hoodies  Available to buy and collect at the club.

Non Attendance If your gymnast is not going to attend a training session, please advice us on


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